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JSM Manpower was build out of love;

The love of a father to his family, the love to help his fellow Filipino countrymen, and the love for Singapore and its people who adopted us, gave us shelter and a source of living. JSM derived from the name of one of the partner Jeri Sta Maria, an Electrical Engineering graduate from Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology (former Central Luzon Polytechnic Colleges), and an IT professional by profession who is currently working as a Senior Engineering Support at Seagate Technology International.

With the comprehensive license granted to us by the Ministry of Manpower, we are catering local and foreign manpower to all type of industries such as MNCs, F&Bs, Banking, Retails, Sales and Marketing, Information Technology, Telecommunications, etc. JSM Manpower also caters maids for your home.

JSM Manpower started building up friends and coordinators to recommend us reliable domestic helpers and high-calibre Filipino professionals to be deployed in Singapore. Being Filipinos ourselves, we were entrusted by their love ones to market our fellow countrymen to work in Singapore. With our open table policy, we are giving them all the information; from expenses, allowances and placement fees to work conditions and their rights and limitations; all the information and training they will need to be a successful OFW (overseas Filipino worker) in Singapore. With all the information and training they received, all our applicants are mentally and physically ready for the challenges they will encounter working in a foreign country.

With God's help and blessings, and all the support from our family, relatives, friends ,and fellow Filipino countrymen, we hope that we can continue servicing all nationalities; be it Filipinos, Singaporeans, foreign expatriates in Singapore or other individuals and companies seeking our services; by providing them with reliable and skilled local and Foreign worker for their families' and business' needs.

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